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İzmir Metro Project is operated within the framework of the Izmir transportation master plan and is planned as high comfortable system. The 1st Stage project, which is the backbone of this system, serves on 11.2-km long Uçyol-Konak-Basmane-Halkapinar-Bornova Hospital line with 10 stations, since 2000.

Izmir Light Rail System 2nd Stage project has been extended by 5.5 km with 5 stations from Uçyol to Fahrettin Altay Square as the continuation of Bornova-Uçyol metro line.

Izmir Light Rail System 3rd Stage project has been extended by 2.2 km with 2 stations from the station in front of the Ege University Hospital to Evka-3 station and put into service on March 30, 2012.

In total, Izmir Metro Line has reached 17 stations and 19-km long route with the stations, which have been completed and put into service.

With more 7.2 km-long line, the 4th Stage project F.Altay - Narlıdere Kaymakamlık Line, which is planned to be opened at the end of 2021, will reach 26 km in total.



The 4th Stage F.Altay-Narlıdere Kaymakamlık Line is a rail public transport system with 7.2 km long double track and 7 passenger stations, which connects the Izmir Rail System Line to Narlıdere.

The subject matter tender includes all tunnel construction works, construction works of 7 stations, finishing works, entry-exit structures, railway works, supply and distribution of electricity, signalization, telecommunications, lighting, escalators, belt conveyors, elevator, ventilation, sanitary system, drainage works for the whole system and for the parts of the system, design services requiring minimum maintenance for the system, integration, construction, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of all systems into existing Izmir Rail System Line systems, 24-month operation and maintenance supervision of the system, preparation of operating and maintenance manuals, supply of 2-year spare parts and consumables, special tools and equipment, on-the-job training and training abroad.

Within this scope, there are construction works, station architecture and finishing works, power supply and traction power, signalization, control and communication, ventilation and air conditioning, station auxiliary facilities, escalators and elevators, railway works as main items.